Experience and Knowledge for Better Schools

Download your request for your mail-in ballot on the button above and return to the Borough by October 26. Once your ballot is mailed to you, it must be returned to the Borough by election day, November 2.

My goals on the School Board are:

  • To serve all children in the MatSu.  No one child is more important than another. 

  • Foster partnerships and relationships between schools and parents.

  • To be fiscally responsible and provide transparency of public funds.

  • Improve proficiency in students that are below proficiency levels.

  • Maintain, create, and promote programs that give students choice, including college prep and vocational education tracks, and make public schools available to home schoolers.

  • To keep schools open and buses running.

Putting My Experience
to Work

Hello, my name is Lori Berrigan and I am running for School Board in District 1 in the Mat Su Borough.  I have been involved in education in the Mat Su Valley for 18 years.  I have 3 children who have attended or now attend school in the Mat Su Valley.  My two oldest are current students at UAF.  My youngest is a Freshman at Palmer High. 


My journey started as a parent.  I moved to the valley in 2004 when my oldest started Kindergarten and realized my choices as a parent were not the same choices I would have in Anchorage.  I wanted choice.  Luckily, the State of Alaska allows for all of us to have choice.  I exercised this right and worked for over 4 years to start Birchtree Charter School.  After Birchtree was approved, I turned my attention to starting my own business, opening a Waldorf-inspired childcare preschool. Birchtree Charter School and my business, Palmer LifeWays, are now entering their 11th year. 


School Board District 1

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District 1 Map

What I have learned over the last 18 years as a parent who started a Charter School, an educator running my own business, and as a CASA volunteer, is it is not always about the curriculum being taught, but the connections a teacher, principal, and staff make with a child. 


To make connections, staff need time and resources.  Children are not just a number, or a check list.  They are fully formed human beings that are where they are on a developmental path regardless of age. Every child that I meet and work with, I work to make connection.  I want them to know that I see the best in them every day.

    Right now, the school board is lurching from crisis to crisis.  It is difficult to provide leadership when you are always reactive versus proactive.  Day-to-day operations of the district should be left to the Superintendent.  The work of the board is to create a long-term vision and work with the administration to find solutions and resources to support that vision. 


With my background and knowledge of our School District and School Board policy, I can help provide the necessary leadership to serve the interests of District 1 and keep the School District moving forward. I strongly believe that we have tremendous teachers and staff working with our children. We need to return harmony throughout our School District and re-establish morale amongst all district employees. Education takes place in the classroom and the Board's efforts must focus on enhancing and enriching what goes on in each classroom while supporting all staff throughout the MSBSD.